The fun side of caution

SafelyWed provides an on-the-day team and customized COVID-19 strategy to keep you and your loved ones safe throughout the celebrations.

The SafelyWed Story

We are Cara and Bianca, friends for 6 years and co-owners of Cape Town based decor hiring company, The Hire Haus. Together we form a formidable team and are looking forward to working alongside the bridal couple and wedding venue for a fun and safe day of celebrations, while staying compliant with the Department of Health Covid-19 guidelines.

Meet Bianca

Qualified Environmental Health Practioner

I completed my B/Tech in Environmental Health and subsequently did my community service with the defence force. I then moved over into Air Quality and spent 5 years with the Department of Environmental affairs and Development Planning as an Environmental Officer. I am a qualified Environmental Management Inspector and look forward to helping you enjoy your special day with peace of mind.

Meet Cara

Wedding Planner

I founded The Mosaic Wedding Company in 2011 and have planned many successful weddings with couples from all over the world. I have a wide range of knowledge and experience when it comes to weddings, planning, venues and customer service. I had to postpone my own wedding due to the Corona Virus Pandemic, so I understand the need to make sure my guests are taken care of on my wedding day.

Our Covid-19 Packages:

The SafelyWed Team customizes a COVID-19 strategy to keep you and your guests safe. We are an on-the-day presence to ensure peace of mind so that the bridal couple and their guests may enjoy the celebrations without worry. Given our vast experience in the wedding industry, our team is well aware of and sensitive to wedding timelines and venue setups.

Classy Compliance: 3 hrs

  • 3 SafelyWed staff members on site 2 hours before ceremony start time
  • Demarcated screening area (in line with what you would expect at a wedding) for guest arrival and welcoming
  • Signing in, guest personal details recorded and temperatures taken
  • Handing out masks or visors (costed separately per person, can be personalized with a monogram, logo or wedding date, depending on lead time)
  • Spraying alcohol based hand sanitizer for all guests
  • A personalised letter for you to send out to guests and service providers letting them know the measures you have taken and for them to be aware of our job and what will be taking place before the ceremony can begin

Safely Ever After: 8 hrs

Same as Classy Compliance Package plus:

  • Over seeing and monitoring the cocktail hour
  • Re-sanitizing all the guests’ hands
  • We would make sure all the waiters and barmen who are serving food and drinks during this time, are keeping safe by washing hands, wearing masks/visors and social distancing
  • Over seeing and monitoring the reception area
  • Ready at the door to re-sanitize each guest before entry into the wedding reception
  • Once all guests are seated, we would then move over to the kitchen to make sure all food is being plated hygienically and all waiter staff and kitchen staff are compliant with the necessary safety protocols
  • Over seeing and monitoring the kitchen while meals are being served
  • If staff would be required to wear gloves and masks/visors while interacting with guests, we would make sure this takes place throughout the serving of food

Couples over Covid: 11 hrs

Same as Safely Ever After Package plus:

  • Overseeing the dance floor area and making sure guests are complying with health and safety requirements (hand washing, social distancing – as far as practicable)

The Fine Print:

All above packages are for weddings of 100 people or less. We can bring in more staff to assist our team should the wedding be over 100 guests. Travel costs are not included in the package cost and will be charged depending on where the venue is. 

Should you have a pre or post event and would require our services, custom packages can be made available depending on the clients needs.

Gloves can be added to the package should the clients want to take extra measures.

Should your wedding group require any accommodation we will gladly connect you with our Travel Partner to arrange the best deals for you.

Not Doctors:

It is important to note that we are not doctors, we are merely hired in by either the client or the venue to enforce the crucial steps in preventing the spread of the Coronavirus so that you can sit back and enjoy the wedding day you have always dreamt about.

Overall, we will do our utmost to reduce the risk for your guests while removing the seriousness of Corona.


The world as we know it has changed. We’re here to help you enjoy your special day, without the worry.